«The scope of this programme being held in Ukraine
is a proof that our industry reckons the fact
of all new IT worth nothing if teachers
don’t know how to apply it effectively.
Wonder of education is done by teachers, not by computers».

Craig Barrett,
Chairman of the Board of the Intel Corporation,
Professor Emeritus of the Taras Shevchenko National University

Intel® «Study for the Future» programme is the biggest common initiative taken by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, its Institute of the Innovation Technique and Instructional Content, the Central Institute for Post-Diploma Pedagogical Study at the Academy of the Pedagogical Studies of Ukraine, its regional branches, regional departments of education and science, and Intel Corporation. It concerns the retraining of teachers staff in IT and contemporary pedagogical techniques and enables the students of Ukraine to immerse in the knowledge economy of the 21st century, supplies them necessary skills.

Intel® «Study for the Future» programme is an up-to-date training and retraining system for pedagogical staff following the contemporary interactive teaching technologies acknowledged by 39 countries. Its content was localized and adapted to the Ukrainian national standards of education. The programme is internationally certified and meets the world standards. The programme is also effectively being introduced in Germany, Austria, Japan, Korea, Australia, Italy, Israel, Argentina, USA etc. Over 6 mln people around the world have undergone the Intel® «Study for the Future» training for the last 8 years. This amount is expected to have increased by 2015 to 10 mln.

The programme is aimed to catalyze the reforms in the Ukrainian educational field, to update its instructional content and IT methods. It fosters the interactive technique of teachers’ training and retraining, amends IT methods in education. It also helps the students to adapt to the new type of economy – the knowledge economy.

Intel® «Study for the Future» programme received silver medals of the “Education in Ukraine” Expo repeatedly, it was also rewarded numerous certificates of merit by the national Ministry of Education and Science.

The monitoring of the Programme participants claims 98,6 % of positive comments on the Programme run and its effectiveness.

The framework of the Programme includes 64 (72) hours of interactive training for teachers, master classes for their instructors, competitions on the best IT application in the teaching process, coordination boards, annual forum called «New Horizons of IT in Education», exhibitions, round tables, scientific and methodological support, web support, expertise and monitoring of the Programme implementation quality.

Since the beginning of the Programme over 140 thousand teachers and students have undergone the training. Among them over 104 thousand trainees represented the secondary school system, 23 thousandrepresented the higher education system, over 4 thousand represented the professional / vocational schools system, over one thousand were the administrative officials representing the system of regional institutes of the post-diploma pedagogical education.

Yearly the figures are the following: 2004 – 5,945 participants, 2005 – 21,600 participants, 2006 –28,138 participants, 2007 – 17,747 participants, 2008 – 37,975 participants.