After receiving an invitation for study, foreign applicants must apply to the nearest embassy of Ukraine and obtain a long-term visa type D "Student Visa". To apply for a "Student Visa", an applicant must have the original of the invitation and original legal educational documents, issued by educational institutions of other countries required for admission. ARRIVAL TO UKRAINE Before traveling to Ukraine, the applicant must inform the International Centre the exact date, time, and way of arrival (plane, train, etc.). The meeting procedure requires a special Letter that is sent to the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine and the Ukrainian State Center for International Education. Upon arrival to Ukraine, the applicant submits all the necessary documents for admission to the university committee, passes the entrance exams, signs a contract for training, applies for accommodation in a hostel and pays for tuition and accommodation. The University ensures submission of documents to State Migration Service of Ukraine for temporary residence permit completing. Posvidka is a document certifying the identity of a foreigner or a stateless person and confirms the legal grounds for temporary residence in Ukraine. Posvidka is issued for the period of study, which is determined by the order of the University according to established periods of study for foreign students. In order to prepare a complete package of documents for the further registration of Posvidka, a foreigner or a stateless person who has arrived in Ukraine for the purpose of study shall submit the following documents to the International Centre: - a passport or an ID document with a type D (D-13) visa, unless otherwise provided by the legislation and international agreements of Ukraine; - translation into Ukrainian of a passport (or an ID document) with personal data certified by a public notary in Ukraine; - a valid health insurance certificate for the whole period of study. The documents should be handed over to the International Centre within five working days after arriving to CUSPU, but not later than 30 days before the expiration of the visa. Accommodation and meals CUSU offers students’ hostel, costing 20 USD per a month, and nutrition, costing 5 USD per a day and up. CUSU International Centre’s e-mail: