The English-Speaking Union Ukraine


is delighted to invite you to attend

the National Public Speaking Competition,

held on Saturday, 2 February, 2019

from 10.30 a.m. to 4 p.m. in America House,

6 Mykoly Pymonenka Street, Kyiv.


The winner of the competition will represent Ukraine at the International Public Speaking Competition in May 2019 in London.

As a part of the international ESU network the English-Speaking Union Ukraine focuses on promoting the increase of international understanding, global awareness and friendship through the use of the English language.

Anastasiia Petrova: When I firstly heard about the seminar and decided that I would definitely take part in it, I learnt about the main requirement for the potential participants. The task was to prepare a speech on the topic of discrimination and represent it to the panel. I started to prepare, I was searching for the information about implementation of discrimination in the past, lots of historical events, but then I decided that it would be quite boring and prepared my own point of view on this topic. And it actually worked, because after the delivering my speech to the panel I found my name in the list of participants. Then I and all other participants had several meetings with Vickie Nailing, who was the member of the panel during our speech representations. She gave us very important comments on our speeches. She emphasized strong points of our speeches and points that should be improved. In addition, she gave us also advices how to improve our ability to express our point of view. Being a USA citizen, she shared information about past and contemporary situations of discrimination in the USA with us and we shared information about Ukrainian situation of discrimination. Vickie Nailing invited her friends who work with international students at Donetsk National Medical University to the one of our meetings. They told us about the life of international students, difficulties and kinds of discrimination, which they face in our city. It was very important and useful for us, because we realized that even our own society is not perfect.

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